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In 1989 Egle Spokaite, then alumni of a National Ballet School For The Arts of Lithuania, performed Pas de Deux from “The Sleeping Beauty” for her final exams and went on to become a Soloist of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater. Few years later, she went ahead to win four most prestigious International ballet competitions in a row around the world, – from Japan to Russia to Finland. Her swift career virtually exploded the Lithuanian ballet scene. During her 22 years of Ballet Artist career at the National Opera and Ballet Theater of Lithuania, Egle Spokaite was granted every prestigious state award possible for her achievements on the stage. The audiences were also fascinated by her multifaceted collaborations with the world’s most prominent masters in their fields, such as M. Pliseskaya, M. Rostropovich, G. Kremer, choreographers B. Eifman, J. Arpino, K. Pastor, A. Ratmanski and many other amazing artists. 2000 was marked by Egle’s entrance into the drama theater, as she took the main role of Desdemona in the play “Othello” in the joint venture of Venice Biennale and Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. The play had enjoyed broad and fervent success for the next 11 years at the major theater festivals in Italy, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Brasil, Chile, Mexico, and virtually all European countries. In 2012, Egle Spokaite got married and shifted her home base to Boston. Three years before coming to the United States, Egle co-founded “Egle Spokaite Ballet School” in Vilnius, Lithuania. The school continues on and is currently the largest ballet school in the Baltic countries with 700 students, and counting. The key to the success of the school is the combination of principal ballerina’s experience together with the university degree in ballet methodology and education. Egle moved to San Diego in 2015 and Created a Ballet Institute of San Diego To Touch To Move To Inspire.
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Performed as a principal Dancer at Vilnius National Opera and Ballet theater until 2011. Now I teach others..


I founded "Egle Spokaite Ballet School" in Vilnius, Lithuania that currently has over 700 students. And a new one in San Diego in 2016 ...


My choreography debut was The Blue Danube, premiered in March 2015 in Kaunas, Lithuania ...


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